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I know hockey season isn’t back yet, but this is wonderful.
Leave these dudes out the brohad.
Glenray Tutor
Back to work.
"You know what else we don’t have in hell? PO-LEASE!"

"You know what else we don’t have in hell? PO-LEASE!"


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"I am really into graphic novels, I can lend you some really good ones. They’re great. Like books with constant illustrated still images. Plus, they can be really delicate and expensive."
If you are great at photography, you can use a typical angle, but wring that split second of fresh magic from it. You also will know how to operate all of the equipment, light, and quickly select lenses. 
"In the high key sunrise of that early summer Sunday, one fact shone hotter than anything a man could see: Candice pulled it off. She got the text from Peru, tendered her resignation, and as she exited the station, she shed that uniform like dead skin. As she strutted to the white Le Baron softop - top down - it was as if the door didn’t even open, because it didn’t. She was rich, she was a hero, she was shotgun, and not a shot was fired.
Elsewhere downtown, a worker sweating through his $200 suit snapped and said “Fuck It!,” crossing Bay Street on the hand instead of the white man and gathering speed he would ride forever.  
Candice bit the tip of a Silk Cut, ripped it from the pack like a splash. She rode off into the blazing day, thirty plus, the past could catch her ash.”
-Page 117 of Lenny Sculmane’s “Credit Crash”
Stay tuned to @jaypeecue and @jaypeecue204 for live Rob Ford election night coverage. We will be up, and three sheets to the winds of speculation on the SS Encourage Them.
When is the election again?
Are there two?
This cat gets shit done.

This cat gets shit done.

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I couldn’t agree mo

I couldn’t agree mo

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Woah dude.